Roof repair

ProTXcoat has a range of solvent based and water based roof and gutter repair membranes that are designed to seal and protect bitumen, concrete, metal and GRP surfaces.

  • Solvent based and water based technology
  • Cold climate cure (down to 5C)
  • Shower resistant in 15 minutes (solvent based)
  • UV stable
  • ​ProTXcoat roof and gutter membranes give year round coating capability, and can even seal leaking roof surfaces through ponded water.

Our range of single component waterproofing materials are able to seal virtually any surface with a strong, flexible membrane to give long term protection from UV degradation and weathering. The ProTXcoat range of waterproofing materials includes water based acrylic, solvent based acrylic & solvent based polyurethane coatings.