Abrasion, Erosion, Wear and Impact Protection

The type of wear where particles move freely across a surface. Unless the metal is hard enough to resist, the particles cut grooves into the surface and cause costly shutdowns and replacements.

Pumps, chutes, gravity classifiers, screens and pneumatic conveying systems experience this form of wear.

Metal loss in equipment directly impacts production output. Even the use of high alloy metal steel equipment cannot offer the required MTBF. Negative side effect of commonly used weld repair is that it is costly and time consuming. Heat distortion of equipment is an issue and welding hardly offers the envisioned life extension.

  • Ceramic tile inserts glued to the surface by an adhesives suffers from poor adhesion
  • Pre-molded Rubber Elastomers tear and rip and form under corrosion
  • ProTXcoat Ceramic-Reinforced Polymers: This option provides the wear resistance of the toughest available ceramics and the flexibility and form that compares to rubber liner.