ProTXcoat your plant assets!


ProTXcoat is a Dutch brand with UK based manufacturing of engineered epoxy (novolacs) and polyurethane repair compounds and coatings. ProTXcoat was founded by the leading R&D experts and Application Engineers in the field of Composite Coating with decades of application experience!. Our products and know-how are supplied to countries worldwide and are used by some of the largest companies globally.

We specialize in offering solutions against abrasion, wear, impact, chemical attack, leak repair and corrosion on process systems and equipment.


ProTXcoat offers on and off site service in the US, South America, Canada, Asia Australia, Africa and most European countries through a network of experienced applicators and consultants. Our partners can execute specialized repairs and coating jobs as well as supply repair compounds and coatings for your day to day maintenance and repair work.

ProTXcoat combines two decades of know-how with service to: Petro Chemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Pulp and Papermills, Cement plants, Power Generation, Marine and Offshore, Food and Pharma, and general manufacturing.

Repair and improve concrete and metallic surfaces subject to chemical attack, erosion and corrosion in fluid flow equipment.

Protect concrete and metallic surfaces from chemical attack, erosion and corrosion and upgrade the performance of concrete and metallic surfaces to match its intended service.

  • Energy and Flow Efficiency:

    • Reduce Energy consumption and carbon footprint.
    • Improve pump flow rates.
    • Improve flow efficiency in flow lines an material handling equipment.
  • Concrete Protection/Repair:

    • Enhanced Chemical resistance.
    • Surface protection and longer life.
    • Repair and Improve damaged concrete surfaces.
    • Reduce ware.
  • Metal Surface Protection/Repair:

    • Reduce Corrosion
    • Reduce Chemical Attack.
    • Reduce Erosion.
    • Protect Storage Tanks.