PROTXCOAT 756 Clear Cladding

Water based masonry sealer

ProTXcoat 756 Clear Cladding is a single component water-based masonry treatment which when applied to porous surfaces forms an invisible water repellent barrier. Unlike conventional systems, ProTXcoat 756 Clear Cladding does not seal the surface but instead its micro emulsion based chemistry allows it to penetrate deeply into the surface where it forms a hydrophobic lining. The coating once cured will stop any further ingress of moisture while still allowing any moisture vapour inside the structure to be released..

  • Water based single component sealer
  • Brush, roller or spray applied
  • Ideal for stone, brick, cement, concrete
  • 10 years + protection

Typical applications

Suitable for coating the following surfaces:
Stone, Concrete, Brick, Cement and Mortar


  1. All surfaces to be treated should be free of contamination such as dirt, salt (particularly in coastal environments), efflorescence, moss and algae, etc, and any loose material removed.
  2. Where necessary power washing should be used allowing the surface to dry out thoroughly before treatment.
  3. Defects in masonry should be remedied before treatment.
  4. Badly deteriorated mortar should be removed and re-pointed and any holes made good.
  5. Hairline cracks are acceptable to treat but wider cracks should be opened up and filled with a suitable repair material such as 350 SPCRM Self Priming Concrete Repair Mortar
  6. Damaged expansion joints or sealant around window and door features should also be made good prior to treatment.

Prior to mixing please ensure the following:

  1. The material is at a temperature between 15-25°C (60-77F°).
  2. The ambient & surface temperature is above 10°C (50F°).
  3. The ambient & surface temperatures are not less than 3°C (6°F) above the dew point.

Once these 3 checks have been met, please proceed with mixing the product.

  1. 756 Clear Cladding is supplied in concentrate form (1ltr pack) and requires diluting with clean cold water.
  2. The mixing ratio is 9 parts water to 1 part 756 Clear Cladding concentrate.
  3. Pour 1ltr of 756 Clear Cladding concentrate into a container, add 9ltrs of clean cold water.
  4. Once mixing has been completed you have 24hours (20°C) to apply the material.
  5. Where masonry is exposed to harsh weather or subject to severe wind driven rain reduce the mixing ratio to 1ltr of 756 Clear Cladding concentrate and 7ltrs of clean cold water.

Brush, roller or spray applications

  1. Starting at the lowest point of the substrate apply the coating using a brush, roller or household spray unit.
  2. The material should be applied liberally allowing material to run down the wall and penetrate previously coated surfaces.
  3. Coverage rates will vary according to the type substrate being coated.

Coverage Rates

SubstrateCoverage per litre when diluted
Smooth Concrete2.6m2 (28 ft2) per ltr
Rough Concrete1.3m2 (14 ft2) per ltr
Smooth Brick2.6m2 (28 ft2) per ltr
Soft Brick1.3m2 (14 ft2) per ltr
Asbestos cement2.6m2 (28 ft2) per ltr
Natural Stone2.1m2 (22.75 ft2) per ltr

Please note that the coverage rates quoted are theoretical and do not take into consideration the profile or condition of the surface being repaired.

Cure Times:
At 20°C (68°F) the applied materials should be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to the
conditions indicated. These times will be extended at lower temperatures and reduced at higher temperatures:

Touch Dry2 hours
Minimum overcoating time4 hours
Maximum overcoating time48 hours

Pack Sizes:
This product is available in the following pack sizes:
1ltr 756 Clear Cladding concentrate diluted with 9ltrs of clean cold water will produce a 10ltr pack (2.65 US Gallon)

Single component: opaque

Over-coating times:
Minimum: approximately 4 hours at 20°C (68°F).
Maximum: 48 hours

Storage Life:
2 years if unopened and store in normal dry conditions (15-30°C/ 60-86F°)

Other Technical Documents
Safety Data Sheets: Single component material
Product Specification Sheet: Technical Performance Information

Please ensure good practice is observed at all times. Protective gloves, goggles & a disposable coverall must be worn during the mixing and application of this product. Before mixing and applying the material ensure you have read the fully detailed Safety Data Sheet.

The data contained within this Technical Data Sheet is furnished for information only and is believed to be reliable at the time of issue. We cannot assume responsibility for results obtained by others over whose methods we have no control. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if the product is suitable for use. ProTXcoat accepts no liability arising out of the use of this information or the product described herein.