ProTXcoat 350

Self Priming Concrete Repair

Fast curing & self-priming concrete repair mortar

350 is a high performance self-priming epoxy repair mortar specifically designed for repairing damaged and eroded concrete surfaces.

350 is based on a unique Lendo epoxy resins with polyamine amine adduct with a blend of reinforced silica quartz minerals which have been specifically selected to provide the optimum level of adhesion, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.

350 is fast curing allowing repairs to be carried out on any concrete surface with the minimum disruption to services..


All dirt and loose friable material should be removed, and the surface cut back to a sound edge. Any exposed re-bars must be fully exposed and treated with a ProTXcoat 302 Solvent free primer.

Abrasion of surfaces will cause dusting and therefore all loose dust should be vacuumed clear before the application commences.


Whilst 350 can be used without a primer, on certain very porous surfaces a coat of the mixed 350 resins should be applied to prime/ seal the surface.

Two parts of base resin should be mixed with one part of activator by volume and the mixed system brushed into the prepared surface.

350 is a three component material which must be mixed together prior to use.

When mixing the complete unite aggregate component should be removed from the outer container, which is then used as the mixing container. The base and activator containers should be emptied into the mixing container and mixed until homogeneous. The aggregate should now be added and thoroughly mixed into the base resins to ensure complete wetting out.

The mixed 350 should be applied by float or trowel to the prepared surface with the material being pressed firmly onto the surface then finished by float to give a smooth surface.

When applied at 4mm 350 will provide a coverage rate of 0.5 m2 per 5 kg unit.

When applied at 6mm 350 will provide a coverage rate of 0.3 m2 per 5 kg unit.

All equipment must be cleaned IMMEDIATELY after use with MEK Solvent Cleaner.

NOTE: The minimum temperature of application is 5oC (50oF).

Volume Capacity
450 cc (29 cu ins) per kilo

Mixing RatioMix as supplied.

When mixing less than the complete unit, two volumes of base and one volume of activator should be mixed together and then aggregate added to mix to give the desired consistency.

AppearanceBaseClear Liquid
ActivatorClear Amber
Drying & Cure times at 20°CUsable Life12 minutes (resins)
25 minutes (with aggregate)
Full Cure3 1⁄2 hours
Volume Solids100%
Shelf LifeUse within 5 years of purchase.

Stored in original sealed containers at temperatures between 5°C (40°F) and 30°C (86°F).

Abrasion Resistance145 mgmweightloss per 1000 cycles
ASTM D40601 kg coad – CS17 wheel
Impact Resistance1.8 Joules (16 in lbs)
ASTM D2794
Dry Heat Resistance135°C (275°F)
ASTM D2485
Direct Pull Adhesion35 kg/cm2 (500 psi) – concrete
ASTM D4541(concrete failure)
Scrub Resistance>10,000 cycles
ASTM D2486
Compressive Strength840 kg/cm2 (12000 psi)
Flexural Strength450 kg/cm2 (6500 psi)

As long as normal good practice is observed 350 can be safely used.

Protective gloves should be worn during use.

A fully detailed Safety Data Sheet is either included with the material or is available on request.

Supplied in 5kg packs

The information provided int his Product Data Sheet is intended as general guide only and should not be used for specification purposes. The information is given in good faith but we assume no responsibility for the use made of the productorthis information because this is outside the control of the company. Users should determine the suitability of the product for their own particular purposes by their own tests.