ProTXcoat 306 A-prime

ProTXcoat 306 A-Prime is a solvent based epoxy coating designed for the long term protection of steel and concrete structures against corrosion. The coating can be applied to mechanical or abrasive blast clean surfaces and will cure at temperatures as low as 5 ̊C.

Typical applications Pipelines, internal & external tank surfaces, sheet and bearing piles, structural steel, process equipment.


Base:Thin film liquid
Activator:Amber liquid
Mixed:Grey, solvent based liquid
Mixing Ratio
By weight:4.5:1
By volume:4:1
Solids content85%
Sag ResistanceNil at 150 microns

ProTXcoat 306 A-Prime can be applied in a single coat or as a 2 coat system to properly prepared surfaces.
Brush, roller or spray applications:The material should be applied
The material should be applied at a target thickness of 150 microns per coat. At 150 microns (ProTXcoat 306 A-Prime) will have a theoretical coverage rate of 6.66m2 per ltr per coat.

Cure Times
The applied material should be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to the conditions indicated:

Usable life
10°C4 hours
20°C2 hours
30°C60 minutes
40°C30 minutes
Minimum overcoating time
10°C12 hours
20°C6 hours
20°C3 hours
40°C90 minutes
Maximum overcoating time
10°C72 hours
20°C36 hours
30°C18 hours
40°C9 hours

Storage life
5 years if unopened and stored in normal dry conditions (15- 30°C)

Tensile Shear to ASTM D1002 on abrasive blasted mild steel with 75 micron profile 195 kg/ cm2 (2770 psi)

Salt Fog Resistance
Tested to ASTM B117
Unaffected after 10,000 hrs

Corrosion Resistance
Tested to ASTM B117
Unaffected after 5000 hours

Humidity Resistance
Tested to BS3900 Part F2
Unaffected after 5000 hours

Shore D to ASTM D2240

Heat Resistance
Suitable for use in immersed conditions at temperatures up to 40°C. Resistant to dry heat up to 120°C dependent on load.

The product resists attack by a wide variety of inorganic acids, alkalies, salts and organic media including:

Typical ChemicalsMaximum Temperature
Brine40 ̊C
Crude Oil40 ̊C
Diesel40 ̊C
Hydrochloric Acid 10%40 ̊C
Naphtha40 ̊C
Phosphoric Acid 25%40 ̊C
Sodium Hydroxide 35%40 ̊C
Sulphuric acid 20%40 ̊C

For more detailed information refer to the ProTXcoat Technical Centre for advice.

All ProTXcoat Products are supplied under the scope of the company’s fully documented quality system.

ProTXcoat warrants that the performance of the product supplied will conform to the typical descriptions quoted within this specification provided material is stored and used according to the procedures detailed in the Technical Data Sheet for the material.

Please ensure good practice is observed at all times during the mixing and application of this product. Protective gloves and other recommended personal protective equipment must be worn during the mixing and application of this product.

Before mixing and applying the material please ensure you have read and fully understood the detailed Material Safety Data Sheet