ProTXcoat 330 HA100

Single component heat activated epoxy novolac for process surfaces ranging from 100˚C-240˚C

A single component heat activated epoxy novolac coating that has been designed to be applied to process surfaces ranging from 100˚C-240˚C. The product offers outstanding corrosion protection even to metallic surfaces with less than ideal surface preparation

  • Solvent free epoxy novolac technology
  • Fast curing at elevated temperatures
  • Apply to surfaces ranging from 100˚C-240˚C
  • Apply by brush, roller or standard airless spray
  • No primer required on metallic surfaces
  • Provides long term protection in C1-C5 corrosive environments

  • Pipes
  • Process equipment
  • Valve and pump casings
  • External tank surfaces

Nozzle on a hydrochloric acid storage tank operating at 115˚C was rebuilt using ProTXcoat 100MRP Metal Repair Paste and protected using 330 HA100.