ProTXcoat 302 SPEP

Packaging: 4Liter / 18Liter

Low viscosity primer for sealing concrete surfaces

ProTXcoat 302 SPEP is a two component solvent free low viscosity epoxy Hydrophobic primer designed to seal porous surfaces. The coating can be applied to damp concrete or cementitious surfaces. 302SPEP penetrates deep (3-6mm) into the concrete surface and provides an optimal bond for any top coat

  • Solvent free epoxy technology
  • Low viscosity penetrating primer
  • Apply by brush, roller or standard airless spray
  • Consolidates and seals porous surfaces
  • Improves adhesion of epoxy or PU top coats
  • Tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation
  • Cures at low temperatures (5˚C)
  • Fast cure and extended working life grades available

Concrete surface primed using ProTXcoat

302 SPEP prior to application of

ProTXcoat 301 CRSG